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London Zoo: Most Famous Zoo in the World

Written by Norm Katz
When the London Zoo first opened in 1828, it housed a collection of exotic animals that were studied by eminent scientists of the day. Only later, in 1847, did the Zoo open its doors to the public, and, from then on it became the most famous zoo in the world. Among many world firsts, the Zoo opened the first reptile house (1849), the first public aquarium (1853), insect house (1881) and children?s zoo (1938). Today the London Zoo has 650 different animals including invertebrates, reptiles, fish, birds, and small and large mammals such as lions, tigers, gorillas, elephants, giraffes and
bears. One hundred and twelve of these animals are endangered species. The London Zoo is involved in breeding 146 of these endangered species. The 36-acres that the London Zoo covers consists of three large areas of gardens all linked together by tunnels and bridges. A recommended route guides visitors around the 36 acre London Zoo garden site.

Up Close to the Animals

From April 2001 The London Zoo offers special ways throughout the day to get close to and find out more about the animals. 11:30 CAMELS at the Children's Zoo. Get
Fishes of the London Zoo
acquainted with London Zoo's camels and find out about their extraordinary habits. 11:30-12:30 DISCOVERING REPTILES in the Reptile House. Find out all about crocodiles, turtles, lizards, snakes and other cold-blooded creatures from our volunteers in the Reptile House. 12:00 PREDATORY BIRDS on the Display. Lawn Birds that feed on other animals are the stars of this free-flying display. 12:30 ASIAN LIONS and Cats. A unique chance to witness some of the Zoo's rarest animals as our keeper offers an intriguing insight into the Asian lion's conservation. 1:00 GORILLAS at Apes and Monkeys. Meet the Zoo's gorillas, and hear their story
told by their keeper. Also, find out about the threats facing their cousins in the wild. 1:30 FEEDING THE PELICANS at Three-Island Pond. Be a guest at the pelicans' spectacular dinner party as they catch the fish thrown by the keeper. 3:30 CRAFT ACTIVITIES in the Craft Centre at the Web of Life. 2:00 ANIMALS IN ACTION in the Amphitheatre. Fasten your seatbelts for fast action as some of our finest flying, leaping and climbing animals show off their skills. 2:00 SPIDERS IN THE WEB in the Web
Rockhopper Penguin of the London Zoo
of Life. 2:15 FEEDING THE SNAKES in the Reptile House (Mondays and Fridays only). 2:30 FEEDING THE PENGUINS at the Penguin Pool. 2:30 FEEDING THE FISH in the Aquarium. NB: Please note that different fish are fed on different days. Check the noticeboard at the Aquarium entrance for details. 3:00 ELEPHANT WEIGHING in the Elephant Paddock. 3:00 LEMURS OF MADAGASCAR at the Madagascar Center, (next to the Small Mammal House). Join the lemur keeper to find out about these fascinating animals. 3:30 ANIMALS IN ACTION in the Amphitheatre. Your last chance to see the flying, leaping and climbing stars of our natural behavior display. 3:30 WONDERS OF THE WEB at Web of Life. 3:30 ELEPHANT BATH in the Elephant Paddock. 4:30 PREDATORY BIRDS on the Display Lawn.

Location and Hours of Operation

The London Zoo is located at Outer Circle, Regent?s Park, London NW1 4RY. OPENING TIMES: London Zoo is open every day - except Christmas Day - from 10am until 4pm in winter (November-February); and 5.30pm in summer (March-October). ENTRANCE COSTS: Adult 10 Pounds; Child (3-15) 7 Pounds; Under 3 FREE Student/Senior Citizen/Disabled 8.50 Pounds Saver ticket: 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children = 30 Pounds

For more information call the London Zoo in London- England at 020-7722 3333.

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